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3 Signs That Its Time To Consider Selling Your Business

1. You are out of skills, resources or energy to grow your business

A business should be continually growing, there will most likely come a time when you feel that you can't effectively do it any more. This is a great time to search out someone that has the ability take it to the next level.

2. Your business value has improved significantly.

When your business has experienced exponential growth it's time to consider selling it. Running a business is risky, the bigger you grow, the bigger the risk you face. It may be wise to cash out while the numbers are good.

3. Your personal passions have changed.

Most likely you have evolved as an individual since the beginning of your business venture. Because it was fun ten years ago doesn't mean you still love it today. That is ok! When your passion is gone it's time to sell.

Book an appointment today and we will work together to explore your options and create a strategy for your exit.

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